Student’s Name: Megan Doerr 

Student’s School: Creighton community school 

Parents Names: Jennifer and Bruce Doerr 


Siblings Names/Ages: Brenna Doerr -21, Owen Doerr- 15                                          

What activities did you participate in while in high school? Dance-3years, Band -3 years, Choir- 4 years, track - 2 years 

What is your favorite memory of high school? Playing in the pep band for games 

What is your favorite class and why? Math, we all have good conversations everyday. 

What is your favorite memory from elementary school? Field trips and class parties 

What will you miss after you graduate? Being around people I have known for most of my life. 

 What are your future plans (college with major if known or workforce) and where do you hope to be in five years?

Continue to work at the Avera creighton care center. And in five years I hope to have a kid, and be married 

What are three things on your bucket list? Spend more time with my family and close friends. Start a family, be happy