Food Blogger Shares Her Recipe for Success

By Tammy Schindler

Feeding a family of six every day — and trying not to spend a small fortune doing so — is no easy task. But making frugal choices and transforming simple ingredients into delicious meals is not a chore for Erin Corn of Creighton. 

Erin’s food preparation is a passion; it’s something of an “art,” and one that she is transforming into a business venture online.

Technically, Erin is a new “business” in town, even though she isn’t selling any particular product. Her recipes are free to anyone who visits her website, but gaining enough followers does translate into potential income for her.

Her blog, which can be found at “,” provides much more than just a sampling of her recipes, it’s also a visual buffet of her simple, yet delicious-looking creations. Each recipe provides explicit instructions, photographs of the step-by-step process, as well as professional pictures of the finished masterpieces. 

As Erin herself pointed out, the food blogging industry is a competitive one, so she had to find her niche, which she quickly discovered, is simply staying true to herself. And that means cooking from scratch with natural, whole ingredients — ”real food.”

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