Creighton 2020-2021Preschool Registration

Creighton Public School Preschool 

is currently taking registrations for the upcoming 

2020-2021 school year!!!  


Please register you child by calling Creighton Elementary @ 358-5001 by 

January 31st, 2020!



Your child will thrive in our Early Childhood program here at Creighton Elementary!  Children learn best by doing… which is why our program combines hands on learning experiences and play in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.  We are honored to provide the first introduction to your child’s lifetime of learning.


Our Preschool Program is currently in their 13th year at Creighton Elementary.   We are very excited that this program is going strong and that we are able to have this program in our school. 


PRESCHOOL is designed for children who have turned 4 years of age on or before July 31, 2020. Our preschool program is highly recommended. It provides a strong introduction to learning both socially and academically and prepares children for Kindergarten.