board member

The Creighton Community School Board is short a board member.

Tim Gragert’s election to represent Nebraska’s 40th District requires he resign his position on the Creighton school board.

Gragert was excused from last week’s board of education meeting by his co-board members, as he began orientation to take on the responsibility associated with becoming a legislator. They subsequently accepted his resignation from the board.

State statute requires the board accept the resignation during a public meeting, to be included in the meeting minutes, notify the election commissioner and publish the vacancy and length of the unexpired term, according to Joann Fischer, Knox County election commissioner.

The board took action to satisfy those requirements at their regular meeting in the high school library last Monday evening.

The board will appoint a registered voter in the district for the remainder of Gragert’s term, which will expire in 2020, at its next meeting, which is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12, due to the school Christmas concerts being scheduled on the regular Monday meeting date.

Letters of application for the board seat will be accepted by Superintendent Robby Thompson until Dec. 3.

The appointed board member will be sworn in at the January meeting, along with newly-elected board member Amy Borgmann. Kay Morrill and Dixie Hanefeldt were re-elected to their positions as well.