Another Positive Case

A fourth positive COVID-19 case for Knox County was reported by the North Central District Health Department (NCDHD) this afternoon.

The resident was exposed outside of the state and is housed in isolation outside of the state. Case investigation determined there is no risk to the communities in Knox County from this case.

NCDHD would like to provide some insight as to case reporting practices that we must follow as a Local Health Department:

  • Local Health Departments report cases to the CDC based on the permanent address of the residence of the person who tested positive.
  • Positive cases are not counted in the county total where the test was performed unless the person who tested positive lives there.
  • Cases that are in quarantine outside of the county or district that they reside in are only counted in the case total for the county of their permanent address.
  • All Local Health Departments follow these guides to ensure accurate tracking at the state and national levels.

NCDHD would like to reiterate to our district communities that though this case was contracted outside of the state, district residents should still be cautious, be aware of your surroundings, and practice social distancing as there are positive COVID-19 cases in adjoining counties and outbreaks in neighboring districts.