Food Truck Friday comes to Creighton

Food Truck Friday made its first appearance in Creighton on June 14, and has received rave reviews from the community.


Organized by Creighton Ecomomic Development Director Susan Norris, one truck per week is scheduled to serve from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. each Friday through August.

“This was a way to increase foot traffic in town and offer something different for meals. People are stopping for the food, and then stopping at other businesses while they are here. Vendors are saying they have been visiting the wrong town for years.” said Norris. 

Although food trucks have been a hit, this week will feature all local locations to also promote what they have to offer.

“Many people drive through town daily, but not as many stop here,” said Norris. “This is an opportunity to invite people to stop.” 

On average, 600-700 meals have been served each Friday from the trucks according to Norris. Residents from surrounding communities are also traveling here to visit the trucks. 

Food truck owners have the opportunity to see the public’s response before taking a leap into purchasing a brick-and-morter location. 

According to Norris, truck owners have contacted her asking to come to Creighton this summer, however the schedule is booked through the summer.

Menus for upcoming truck visits are posted on the City of Creighton Facebook page.