Knox County Courthouse

A new Knox County website went live Saturday.

The new site may be accessed at the same web address as the old site,

The new site was developed  with the assistance of Multi-County Information and Programming Services, Inc. MIPS Inc. is the technology services division of the Nebraska Association of County Officials.

“We wanted the website to be more user friendly,” said Knox County Clerk Joann Fischer. “My office has been working with MIPS, Inc. out of Lincoln. Our website address did not change but the look of the website has!”

The site includes a direct link to NACO, as well as front page links to other Nebraska county sites, along with contact information for all county officials and notices of public meetings from the front page menu.

District and county court pages include links to the Nebraska judicial system case dockets and other information as well.

Additional information that may be accessed includes township officers, driver’s license examiner schedule, county, city and village populations and a Google map link.

The clerk’s office was already using MIPS Inc. technology for accounts payable, payroll, retirement, budget, recording deeds, record microfilming and email, while the treasurer’s office utilizes it for online tax payments and email; the assessor’s office, for record microfilming and the district court clerk, for jury information.

Fischer said additional changes will be made this week.

“We appreciate your comments and suggestions,” she said. “We are still in the process of making it more convenient so be sure to check it out.

She may be reached at