District Court

Sara Thorburn, 23, of Irene, S.D., faced the Honorable Mark Johnson for sentencing last Tuesday, May 28, in the district courtroom in Center.

Thorburn, who was found guilty of a misdemeanor count of attempted conspiracy after reaching a plea agreement in the case, was sentenced by Johnson to a 12-month term of probation, 90 days in jail - one day immediately and the balance at the end of probation - unless waived, $30 probation enrollment fee, $60 chemical testing fee, $127 cost of prosecution, and $600 restitution. Probation terms also include an in-person apology to victims, submission of 10 job applications per week until employed; a 9:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. curfew, except for emergencies and employment.

Thorburn was originally charged with conspiring with another defendant to commit forgery, in connection to checks drawn on the account of a deceased man in October 2018. She was represented by Martin Klein of Neligh, public defender.