Knox County Court

The Honorable Donna Taylor presided over Knox County Court in Center on Thursday, May 2.

Michael R. Kellar, 60, of Niobrara appeared before Taylor for trial in a traffic case. He was cited March 18, for speeding, six to 10 miles per hour over the posted limit near Niobrara, by Nebraska State Patrol trooper Branden Viterna.

Kellar submitted a wirtten not guilty plea April 17, stating he could not make his April 18 court date due to road conditions. He requested video from the stop be provided to him.

He entered a no contest plea when he appeared last week. Taylor found him guilty and fined him $25 and costs of $49. Court records show a time-payment application was filed, but also show Kellar paid the fine and costs in full that day.

Aaron G. Sutton, 23, of Sikeston, Mo., appeared for arraignment on a Nebraska Game and Parks hunting violation. He was cited in Niobrara on Nov. 8, 2018, for taking game during a two-year revocation of his hunting license. He pleaded guilty and Taylor fined him $100, ordered him to pay $50 costs of prosecution, and assessed liquidated damages of $800 for 15 ducks and a Canadian goose.

Derrick L. Haywood, 37, of Norfolk faced Taylor on two counts committed Feb. 14 in Creighton. He changed his previous not guilty plea to guilty on both counts, Count I: No proof of insurance, a Class 2 misdemeanor; and Count II: Operate an unregistered vehicle, a Class 3 misdemeanor.

Taylor fined him $100 on Count I and $25 on Count II, along with costs of $50.

Angela L. White (a/k/a Angela L. Henery, Angela L. Henry, Angela L. Jost, Angela L. Lang, Angela L. Lange), 42, of Norfolk failed to appear on a Class 2 misdemeanor count of issuing a no account check, less than $500. Taylor ordered arrest warrant be issued after motion and affidavit are filed, setting bond at $3,000, 10% cash.

Daniel Bush, 28, of Yankton, S.D., was granted continuance of his pretrial hearing on four counts - two counts of no proof of insurance, Class 2 misdemeanors; and two counts of operating an unregistered vehicle, Class 3 misdemeanors - alleged Jan. 19 and Jan. 21.

The case is continued to May 16.

Bush is represented by Rodney Smith, Knox County public defender.

Pretrial hearing for Emmanuel Morales, 26, of Lincoln, is continued to May 16. Morales is charged with three counts alleged Nov. 12, 2018, Count I: Driving under the influence, alcohol, first offense, a Class W misdemeanor; Count II: Refuse to consent to test, also a Class W misdemeanor; and Count  III: Possession of marijuana, less than one oz., first offense, an infraction.

On April 4, Taylor denied a motion to quash filed Jan. 2, on Count II, and gave permission for Morales to file written pleas in the case. His written not guilty pleas were filed by his attorney, Smith, on April 13.

Bond of $1,500, 10% cash, filed Nov. 13, is continued.