Creighton volunteer firemen have some new equipment to help rescue those trapped in vehicles after a crash.

A new Holmatro gas engine provides the power for the hydraulic tools - a cutter, spreader and ram, with support. The purchase also included two 32-ft. hydraulic hoses, coming at a total cost of just under $24,000.

The profit from the department’s chicken feed last fall, including all donations - a total of $9,000 - was applied to the purchase, along with a $2,000 donation from the Jim and Lillian Cooper Foundation. The balance was paid by the Creighton Rural Fire District.

According to Creighton Fire Chief Kevin Sonnichsen, the department received bids from three companies, with two of them sending representatives to demonstrate their wares.

Equipment was then ordered from FYR-TEK in Gothenberg around Jan. 1.

FYR-TEK salesman, Bill Grossnicklaus, delivered the equipment and provided training to the local firemen April 18.

Grossnicklaus is a fireman himself, serving as chief of Oxford Fire and Rescue.

“It was excellent training,” Sonnichsen said.

The firemen also worked a rescue drill into the training, with hose “dummies” placed inside the practice vehicles, “rescued.”

Sonnichsen said the old extrication equipment is more than 25 years old, and is not capable of cutting the high-tensile steel in newer vehicles.

For the time being, the old equipment, which has little monetary value, will be kept as backup.

“We acknowledge the donations and gifts that allowed us to purchase the tools that will help us help accident victims in their times of need,” Sonnichsen said.

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