Prayer Service

With bowed heads and solemn expressions, more than 50 friends, family and neighbors gathered for a prayer service for "Leroy Doerr and the Lost" on Wednesday night.

The service was held at the Golgotha Lutheran Church, a rural Wausa church of which Doerr himself is a member. The 53-year-old was reported missing on Saturday and still hasn't been found after days of searching.  

Pastor Jerome Leckband said the people of his church were wondering what more they could do.

"We feel kind of helpless at this point, but we know one thing we can do is pray to our Lord and commit our brother into his hands," Leckband said.

While the official search has been suspended, Doerr's sister asked people to “watch your fields and ditches” during the harvest season.

Doerr is 6'5" 165 pounds with green eyes and blonde hair. He was last known to be at his residence. He is reported to have memory loss and a history of medical conditions which place him in danger.  

Those with any information are asked to call 911 or the Knox County Sheriff's office at 402-288-4261.