Creighton Pool
Luke Fehringer and Bree Eisenhauer

Luke Fehringer and Bree Eisenhauer will manage the Bloomfield pool this summer. It will open Monday.

The Bloomfield pool will be opening Monday, and Creighton's will be opening soon.
The Bloomfield City Council voted Monday to open the pool while the Creighton City Council voted tonight to open theirs as well. Not exact date is known for Creighton.
Bloomfield pool managers Bree Eisenhauer and Luke Fehringer said residents in Bloomfield are excited about it being so soon.

“Since we were here for a month and half we were ready for the pool to be open. The news of us having a chance kind of excited us both,” said Eisenhauer and Fehringer. 

Creighton City Council said the Creighton's swimming pool will open once all the necessary preparations are complete, which includes some painting, acquiring the necessary chemicals and getting all the new lifeguards certified.
Manager Michele Knuth presented all the guidelines that will be enforced. The Council also approved more immediately opening the city bathrooms and park, with signs that will remind patrons to use at their own risk.
The city council had a meeting on Monday, discussing the health and safety of swimmers and staff for the pool. They decided to open it.  City Administrator Collette Panning  will have a meeting with the guards about the new rules and discuss what they are all going to do. The pool will open Monday, June 15.

“The pool will have the same lifeguards that worked last summer from Bloomfield with two new lifeguards and two from Crofton who volunteered to help,” Fehringer said.

Their system is going to be different this summer. They are allowing a total of 25 swimmers in the pool at any time. There will be more lifeguards on deck watching everyone and making sure the rules are being followed. 

With these new rules the swimming pool will open for two sessions daily. The first session of 25 swimmers will be from noon  to 2:30 p.m. The pool will then be closed for 30 minutes for the staff to sanitize the whole area and they will open for 25 swimmers  from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. This will be for first come first serve for the first 25 swimmers. 

There will not be any night swimming this year also the baby pool is closed. Plus there will be no swimming lessons given. Children under kindergarten age must be accompanied by a supervisor 14 years of age or older who must be with the child all times. 

The pool will be open seven days a week. The pool prices will stay the same. Individual season pass will be $50, family season pass will be $100,  child daily pass (18 and under) $2.00 and adult pass will be $5. 

Season and daily passes must be purchased  at the City office in the community center. No passes will be available at the pool. Lifeguards will not handle any money. A waiver of liability must also be filled out and on file at the city office. The city office hours to purchase this and sign the waiver will be Monday-Friday 9 a.m-12 p.m and 1 p.m-3pm. For further questions, call the city office at 402-373-2272.

Specific details on Creighton's pool will be announced closer to the opening.