Knox County Court

The Honorable Donna Taylor presided over Knox County Court at the courthouse in Center last Thursday, April 18.

Edward Childress, 36, of Bloomfield changed his plea to guilty after reaching a plea deal with Knox County prosecutor, John Thomas. He is set for sentencing Aug. 1 on the Class 3 misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace, committed Nov. 19, 2018. Taylor requested access to presentence investigation reports in a Knox County District Court case.

Childress is set for a jury trial May 14 in the district courtroom on two felony counts, assault on an officer, and escape, alleged Dec. 1, 2018, as officers transported the defendant to the Knox County Jail in Center. He is represented by Smith in both cases.

Zachary B. Mansfield, 22, of Creighton faced Taylor for a pretrial hearing on a Class 2 misdemeanor count of driving under suspension on Jan. 25.  

Mansfield changed his plea to guilty after reaching a plea agreement with Thomas.

Taylor sentenced him to 48 hours of incarceration, commencing at 9 a.m. each of the following dates: April 22 and 27, May 13, 18 and 29, June 3, 8, 14, 24 and 29, July 10 and 20; an 18-month term of probation, with probation fees totaling $580; revoked his driver’s license for one year; and ordered him to pay $50 costs of prosecution.

In a second case, Mansfield faced Taylor on three additional counts, Count I: Driving under suspension, second offense; Count II: No proof of insurance; and Count III: Operating an unregistered vehicle. Mansfield also reached a plea agreement with Thomas for those offenses, committed March 13 in Creighton.

Per terms of the plea deal, Thomas reduced Count I, dropping the subsequent offense clause, still a Class 2 misdemeanor, and Mansfield pleaded guilty to all three counts.

Taylor sentenced him to 18 months probation, with an administration fee of $30, and revoked his drivers license for one year on Count I; and fines of $100 each on Count II and Count III; with costs of $50.

Mansfield was represented by Smith.

Shawn D. Cernick, 45, of Plainview appeared before Taylor on one count, no proof of insurance. Cernick pleaded guilty to the Class 2 misdemeanor, committed March 6 in Creighton. Taylor sentenced him to a $100 fine and $50 costs.

Kelcey S. Schrage, 29, of Elgin, pleaded guilty to a Class 2 misdemeanor count of issuing a bad check. Taylor sentenced Schrage to pay a $150 fine, costs of $50 and restitution to the Niobrara Trading Post, in the amount of $73.21.

On behalf of his client, Kenneth A. Plantenberg, 58, of Crofton, Smith informed the judge a plea deal was reached and requested continuance, which was granted. Pantenberg is charged with a Class W count of driving under the influence, third offense, alleged Feb. 8. Smith withdrew all motions he had filed in the case.

An entry of plea hearing is set June 20. Bond, in the amount of $1,500, 10% cash, filed Feb. 11, is continued.

Derrick L. Haywood, 37, of Norfolk failed to appear for trial on two counts alleged Feb. 14 in Creighton, Count I: No proof of insurance, a Class 2 misdemeanor; and Count II: Operate an unregistered vehicle, a Class 3 misdemeanor. The defendant pleaded not guilty March 21.

Taylor ordered an arrest warrant be issued after motion and affidavit are filed.

Jonnathan T. Red Owl Cutts, alias Jonnathan RedOwl, 21, of Niobrara, failed to appear as well.

Taylor had revoked RedOwl’s driver’s license as part of his sentence for leaving the scene of an accident conviction.

RedOwl indicated he left his driver’s license at home and was ordered to surrender by the end of the day April 4. On April 5, notice was filed and mailed to RedOwl to appear for failure to surrender his operator’s license.

On April 18, Taylor noted the license is still revoked.

The case stemmed from a roll-over accident in Niobrara on March 7. RedOwl was represented by Smith.