A heated discussion concluded the meeting of the Creighton Public School Board of Education meeting on Monday night.

The discussion lasted more than 35 minutes in regard to the school vans being used to transport students for summer leagues and camps during the summer months. 

Robby Thompson, superintendent, spoke in favor of allowing coaches to use the means of transportation, while school board president Kay Morrill did not agree. 

“At what point is it no longer the tax payer’s responsibility?” Morrill asked. She questioned the NSAA rules about summer activities.

“It’s very hard to break NSAA rules,” said Principal Ryon Nilson.

“Why are the school vans being used for things that are not school activities?” asked Morrill.

“Summer league in my mind is kids getting together to play. I could see how a camp or a league, even though its in the summer, would be considered a school activity,” said board member Dixie Hanefeldt. “There are some kids who would not have the opportunity to get better because they can’t get to and from these camps or leagues they want to attend. We are spending maybe $2,000 to give these kids an opportunity.” 

Board members Greg Kuhlman and Matt Fritz also spoke in favor. Amy Borgmann questioned Thompson on the insurance policy and how an accident would be covered. The school’s liability would be in place in case of an accident.

“I am not able to take my kids to everything, but I am more than happy to let them ride with a coach,” said Duane Fanta. “Is the money what this is really about? Is it safety?”

“There’s kids driving up and down the street every day. When does it stop pulling at the heart strings?” said Morrill. 

The agenda item was tabled until the next meeting.

Thompson updated the board on the roof leak issues. A roofing company took a core of the roof and found matted wet insulation and materials. New insulation will need to be installed. He will continue to work with the architect for solutions.

The sprinkler system on the football field has been installed. Fifteen stations containing a total of 88 sprinkler heads are on the field and awaiting electricity to be ran for the system. 

A pressure tank may be required to operate the system once a filter is installed. Thompson presented three location options. It would cost $6,000 to install a pressure tank below ground, $3,500 to install above ground and $3,000 if it is placed inside the garage on the football field. 

According to Thompson, winterizing the lines would be simpler if the pressure tank was located inside the garage. No decision was made. 

The co-op between Plainview and Creighton for sharing a cross country coach has dissolved. The Plainview school board was under the impression that Creighton needed a girls golf coach, and they would share coaches. Since that wasn’t the case, they chose not to enter into the agreement.