A townhall meeting was held on Tuesday night at the Walter Larsen Senior Center to explain  LB 840 to the residents of Creighton

LB 840 is an economic development act that would allow the City of Creighton — if approved by majority vote — to not only collect a special sales tax, but also to allocate those funds to economic activities.

Creighton residents will be asked to vote in favor of or against two questions —  collection a one-half percent sales tax and the LB 840 economic development plan. 

According to information provided by Lindsay Nelson, administrator for the City of Creighton, the community and economic development strategy involves promoting existing industries, retention of jobs, and to recruit new industries and jobs to the community. The principal strategy is directed at maintaining a quality of life for citizens and a strong workforce; developing community resources; attracting new capital investment; broadening the community’s tax base; and ensuring economic stability and viability for Creighton.

The City of Creighton will adopt a comprehensive plan. This plan will be the culmination of a planning process that also involves citizens of the City to define its future. It is the intent of the City of Creighton to implement an