The Creighton Airport Authority hereby announces its proposed Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation goal of 0.44% for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded contracts/agreements. The proposed goal pertains to federal fiscal years 2019 through 2020.

The DBE goal and methodology is available for inspection until 30 days following the date of notice. These items may be seen at the Creighton Airport Authority Office, Highway 59 East, Creighton, Nebraska, 68729, during regular office hours.

A meeting could be arranged with the Nebraska Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics (NDOT) office for the purpose of obtaining information relevant to the goal-setting process through the phone number 402-471-2371. Comments will be accepted until 30 days following the date of the notice and can be sent to the following:

Creighton Airport Authority,

P.O. Box 51

Creighton, Nebraska 68729


Compliance Specialist,

Disadvantaged Business

Enterprise Program,

FAA Office of Civil Rights,

777 S. Aviation Blvd,

Suite #150,

El Segundo, CA 90245

Appendix C

Fostering Small

Business Participation

A. Objective (49 CFR Part 26.39)

Recognizing that the DBE Program goals are met through a mixture of race conscious and race neutral methods and, that by definition, DBE firms are small businesses; the Airport Sponsor seeks to implement a small business element into its current DBE policy. The Airport Sponsor is including this element to facilitate competition by and expand opportunities for small businesses. The Sponsor is committed to taking all reasonable steps to eliminate obstacles to small businesses that may preclude their participation in procurements as prime contractors or subcontractors. If necessary, the Sponsor will meet its objectives using a combination of the following methods and strategies:

1. Set asides: Where feasible, the Sponsor will establish a percentage of the total value of all prime contract and subcontract awards to be set aside for participation by small businesses on FAA-assisted contracts. A “set-aside” is the reserving of a contract or a portion of a contract exclusively for participation by small businesses. This requires that the Sponsor and its prime contractors/consultants set aside a portion of the value of each contract for participation by small businesses. A small business set-aside is open to all small businesses regardless of the owner’s gender, race or geographic location. The project manager and DBELO will review FAA-assisted purchases and contracts to access the small business opportunities, giving consideration to the size and scope of each purchase or contract to establish the set aside percentage. This set aside is in addition to the DBE contract goals which may be required pursuant to applicable law or policy. In the event that a set-aside is not established on an FAA-assisted contract, the project manager and small business officer will document why a small business set-aside is inappropriate.

2. Unbundling: The Sponsor, where feasible, may “unbundle” projects or separate large contracts into smaller contracts which may be more suitable for small business participation. The Sponsor will conduct contract reviews on each FAA-assisted contract to determine whether portions of the project could be “unbundled” or bid separately. Similarly, the Sponsor will encurage its prime contractors or prime consultants to unbundle contracts to facilitate participation by small businesses.

However, based on data from the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), current procedures utilized to structure contracting requirements not only facilitate competition by small business concerns, but have been enabled small business concerns to be very successful in securing work both as prime contractors and subcontractors. Because of the high level of success small businesses have had in competing for and performing prime contracts, the sponsor does not feel it is necessary at this time to alter or restructure its contracting requirements in order to foster small business participation.

It has been determined that contractors (primes and sub) doing airport projects in Nebraska are included in NDOT contractor lists. The Nebraska Department of Transportation Aeronautics division and airport sponsors will continue to monitor DBE and small business participation.

The sponsor, NDOT will continue to ensure that prime contracts are available for small businesses. The assessment will be conducted by personnel from the NDOT. If an assessment shows that the level of Participation by small businesses has decreased significantly, the sponsor and NDOT will promptly take all reasonable steps to increase the level of participation.

Publish May 29, 2019.