About Us

The Knox County New is the only publication covering all of the county and is made up of the Bloomfield Monitor and Creighton News.

Owned by Pitzer Digital LLC, headquarters are located at 110 N Broadway St., Bloomfield, Nebraska, and 816 Main Street, Creighton, Nebraska.

Pitzer Digital LLC was founded in 2013 and launched the Knox County News in 2014 as an online-only media until purchasing the Bloomfield Monitor in 2017 and Creighton News in 2019. It was designed to serve the local area with digital coverage that heavily utilizes social media, including FacebookTwitter and Snapchat. It has grown to become a full news site and one of Northeast Nebraska's most trusted medias.

With accurate and timely breaking news coverage, along with videos, features and sports, the KCN has become Knox County's most popular website with one of the highest social media engagement ratios of all media in the state. 

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